Traveling with Fit Bodies

As most of you know I am an avid traveler and have turned this passion into yoga travel. I discovered Fit Bodies two and a half years oago. Since August 2014 I have been blessed to have taken over twenty yoga teaching trips, often bringing my husband, grown children, and friends to locations like Cost Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Panama.

My favorites remain the am resort properties which include secrets, dreams, zoetry, now and sunscape which Suzelle Snowden, owner and founder of Fitbodies, inc has tirelessly contracted to create such amazing opportunities for fitness professionals. I have also sought out vehicles to teach yoga on “non-teaching” trips to Aruba, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, and  Provincetown. I suppose you can call me a yoga addict, junkie, obsessed yogi – I call it my mission to spread the word and show people that doing the work pays off.

Meeting people from all over the world has been the most rewarding experience, along with the lasting relationships I've created. I've had the pleasure of sharing my passion with some people that have never tried yoga to movie stars and famous athletes that are avid yogis that are pleasantly surprised to have such an experienced yoga class while on vacation. This has spun into me becoming a teacher of teachers, a life coach, nutrition counselor, and friend.

Yoga has become a vehicle to bring awareness of thoughts that arise in my mind and apply them to daily living. Discovering what yoga really means to me makes it easier for me to share it with the world. My next teaching trip will be in Provincetown, Cape Code this Wednesday, September 7 to 10; Breathless Riveria Maya October 16 to 22, 2016, where my husband son and daughter will be joining me (what's better than that? Woohoo!); Punta Cana December31 Dreams Dominicus which is said to be the paradise island of the Dominican and Secrets Cap Cana January 8, 2017. I would love for any of my followers or fans to join me on any upcoming trips to share the beautiful practice of yoga with me.  More to come my dear yoga friends and followers.

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