Stop and smell the daisies

By 9 am today I had already had my hot water with lemon, a smoothie, cup of coffee, booked a flight and had finalized two business transactions. Most days I am teaching my own yoga classes in Middlebury, CT, but today I was so looking forward to being a “student” in my friend's hot yoga class. I arrived 3 minutes late and was happy to see I wasn't the only one and that class hadn't yet started. My friend, the teacher, was surprisingly calm that it was past the start time and she still greeted me, told me she was just talking about me and how much she loved all my yoga pants, and how good it was to see me. She filled me in on some more news and said, “have a great class.”

During class I couldn't help think of how calm she was. It was as if nothing at all ever bothers her or stresses her and all I thought of was how much I had already done, what the outcomes were, and how much I still had ahead of me in this day. And I was stressing over it! I finally found a way to focus my attention to my breath and my practice and finally put the past and future away for the next hour and a half. I thoroughly enjoyed my practice. However at the end of class remembering that time was pressing, I rushed out of class to pick up some new eye glasses thinking that while I was out and in town there were two more errands I could possibly get done before my private client arrived at my home studio. This was at this moment I touched my ear and discovered my diamond stud earring that I had been wearing for years was not in my ear. I was in complete panic. I told the woman at the counter I couldn't finish my transaction and I would be back.

At the exact moment my son text and said “are you at yoga, I need to talk to you.” My reply was, “Unless someone is dead I cannot talk.” Well thank god no one was dead, and what a terrible thought anyway. knowing it was the panic and stress of trying to retrace my steps and find this earring . As I scoured two parking lots, my car, my yoga mat, clothing, made several phone calls in search of “the missing earring “ I swore to myself if I found it, I should slowwwwwwwwwww down and smell the daisies.” I was clearly running and rushing and saying yes to every call, every request, every client, every event, I was losing site of what really matters most. My sanity, my peace, my health, all at stake and on the line. I went home truthfully thinking there is no way I would find it after all the hustle and shuffle of the morning. I then said a small prayer to st. Anthony, Unfailing Prayer to St. Anthony - Prayers - Catholic Online remembering my grandmother taught me this as a young girl. As I said this prayer, I reminded myself to Seriously take this as a sign to slow down, even if I didn't find it. As these earrings were a very special occasion gift from my husband almost 20 years ago, I then thought it could be so much worse—it was an earring! Not a life or death, and it could be replaced.

My panic was gone, I decided to practice what I preach: worry and panic don't change the situation. I knew I needed to take a deep breath as my private client would be arriving in about 3 minutes. I finally arrived home, and had a last minute thought of checking my bed. I slowly peeled the covers down, being very careful. No earrings. I have no idea what made me lift my husband's pillow, but I did and the earring and its back were just sitting there. It was like the feeling of waking up the morning after the tooth fairy came! I have no idea why or how it was there so perfectly. I knew it was a sign to slow it down, stop rushing and overloading, and to stop, take a deep breath and smell the daises….

Later that day I returned my sons call remembering that he said he needed my advice to make a serious life decision. I told him to take his opportunity as a sign, as I truly believed this day was the "day of paying attention to signs" and to do whatever will make him happy and benefit the quality of his life.

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