unnamedLets de-stress, keep our core body and mind and soul strong and fit with yoga.

Thinking mindfully about food and exercise takes power and knowledge.  I like to "train my brain" into healthy habits.  Now, it's understandable that stress sometimes gets in the way of this because how you eat can reflect on the amount of stress you are undergoing. We must find different ways to minimize it and not let it destroy our health.


  1. Yoga Relaxesyour body and mind.  Being overweight is an indicator that something is out of balance in your life.  Excess stress is a huge contributor to weigh gain.  About a month ago when I was on a Fit Bodies http://fitbodiesinc.com yoga teaching trip I had a woman come to class that was not overwieght but told me she was a marathon runner, had never done yoga, and said she didnt feel like her body was toned.  She recently wrote me and said she enjoyed coming to yoga every day, how it relaxed her mind, and that "yoga was not for wimps."  She said my yoga class was more challenging than running a full marathon.  She told me she lost !0 pounds and is more tone than ever.  Finding balance and de-stressing is the key to maintaining a healthy body.  It's the priority to overall health and well being.
According to recent studies yoga lowers levels of stress hormones and increases insulin sensitivity. This is a signal to your body to burn food as fuel rather than store it as a fat .
Yoga is an easy way to help you relax your mind. I call it" turning off the light, acknowledge all the mind chatter, and then tell it you will check back in with it later." As you begin to relax and release the stress from your body naturally will begin to lose weight.
The following yoga poses for maintains a healthy weight will do just that while firming your legs butt, abs, arms and core.
These 5 poses are great for weight loss!
1. The Half Moon Pose
2. Warrior Poses
3. Chair Pose
4. Tree Pose
5. Chaturanga to cobra pose

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