Be the Change

Be the Change.

After much debate on writing this blog or not I have decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. After my second web designer and social media guru said you need to start blogging, you ha12631270_1719859634914937_4490963693004913930_nve so much to say. “Let’s get this out there” I finally got rid of my fears and thought why not? As you all know, social media and the news have been blowing up with political views, outbreaks, riots,and just plain cruelty.

First and foremost I am blessed and grateful to have my yoga practice and meditation to turn to, and the love and support of an amazing family and friends.

This week I had a group of yogis tell me they couldn’t come to yoga or carry on with their daily schedule because they had to,deal with the “fall of the election”. I started to think about this and wondered what the views would be if the results were reversed? When I started reading Facebook posts I saw more posts and comments about “the fall” and how wounded and angry people had become. Or were they always just this angry and pissed they needed an excuse to write about it? I felt so uneasy with what I was reading and for sure didn’t react or comment back to any of it. I saw fighting on the streets of our little quiet town, as well as riots and protests breaking out all over the country. So I started to wonder, do these protesters really think their actions will change anything and what exactly were we all fighting for. My thoughts turned back to one of my favorite quotes Be the change that you wish to see in the world, Mahatma Ghandhi. We have all been fighting with each other for so long, how can we actually come together and work together to solve problems?

As we all know, we have truly found out who are friends really were this week. People ask you who you voted for and immediately start either arguing or saying yes I voted that way too because I wanted a change. I voted for change because I wanted to see change. I didn’t want the world to keep going on as it was, so I took the
chance that it can possibly change for the better of our country,

unnamedour world. I do know when history keeps repeating itself, we keep,getting the same damn results. I clearly didn’t like what was happening in the world in the past 8 years. It seemed we were a country in so much turmoil, fighting, anger and hostility. Just looking inside our own walls, we have witnessed cops being killed, racism, hunger, riots,and violence. This is not even mentioning our school killings and shootings. If we look just at Columbine, Virginia tech, workplace shootings,Sandy Hook, which is a school I was supposed to be teaching at on the day of the shooting. These shootings were done typically by young boys averaging the same age of about 14 to 18 years old. School shootings . I have had this burning question for years as to why the conversation never seems to come up of why are so many angry teenage boys?

Just so angry and troubled to the point of sometimes just not getting their way they turn to extreme cases of violence. The issue of gun control and safety comes up, which  doesn’t seem to be solving the issue at all. Then there’s the racism we are witnessing. We have seen young white cops trying to do their jobs and are losing their jobs, or simply just can’t go back because of the riots that are caused just for protecting themselves and the safety of others. Racism I recently came back from two different yoga teaching trips and at two of the resorts I witnessed serious racism at one location where black people were fighting with each other over their own race, and the other was filled with people from countries outside of the USA , and we were constantly asked who were voting for and was told if we didn’t vote democrat we we’re wrong and creating a mess for their country.  Both situations I kindly excused myself because I clearly don’t like to get into political pow wows with anyone, especially while I’m teaching yoga and trying to spread love and to be yoga.

Today I will .. wake up with a grateful heart, counting my blessings, help someone in need, share kindness, and let go of what I can’t control.

I drive around, go to class, the grocery store and I see angry and unhappy people everywhere. I see a wounded angry divided country in desperate need of something, and I’m not even exactly sure what. I grew up in the 70s and 80s and I see more racism now than ever. I used to teach in inner city schools for over 20 years, and my last job that I had before I retired from the profession was an extreme eye opener for me. On two separate occasions I had one black boy in a wheel chair that was extremely disruptive in class to the point the teacher could not teach so I talked to the boy one day who wanted to throw himself and his wheelchair down the flight of chairs if he did not get his way. After talking to him I discovered his mother had left him home alone for the week to go on a vacation with his younger brother. She left this 8 year old wheelchair bound boy alone in the projects of Hartford to fend for himself. No wonder he was angry and acting out. It wasn’t his fault. Who was watching his mother or him? Where is the government to see this? In our own country?

In the next month I discovered hundreds, yes, hundreds of disturbing situations like this.

I finally made my decision to leave the profession to pursue my passion and love of yoga, after I was stabbed and attacked by a third grade, very angry young girl . When I attempted to call for help as I was concerned for the safety of the children as she was running around with a small knife, throwing computers, screaming and kicking while proceeding to tear the phone off the wall. When I was able to call for help I was told the principal was at lunch and to deal with it. Later that day the principal did finally come for her, reprimanded her and told her to go back to unnamed-2class and behave. She came back,  stuck her tongue out, and said haha I didn’t get in trouble and I don’t have to listen to you because “you are a white bitch”. I knew then our country was in big trouble. I had fought the battle of inner city public school teaching for over 20 years, where I once absolutely loved it. My passion for teaching in inner city was tremendous. I was making a difference in the lives of parents and students. At that time I was looked up to and respected. I came home that night and remember telling my husband I felt like the ship sinking and there was no tow in sight .These are things I’ve witnessed, lived and truly I call it a nightmare. I have been in classrooms where children are starving, cold, malnourished, haven’t had a bath in weeks, and are begging at your leg to please take them home with you over thanksgiving and Christmas breaks because school is the only place where they have meals, love and attention. What kind of standards do we have? Who is accountable for this? And furthermore how is it fair to the teachers that are endlessly and thanklessly trying to educate these children. To me we need to look inside of our own walls,and get to the bottom of what is going on right here on American soil.

However, I think it’s time people start recognizing what I think are serious issues that go on inside our own country, our walls. Let’s all come together with love to make this world a better place. Love each other, be kind, be grateful. In the end of the day, we’re all we’ve got. Do yoga, meditate, find peace and spread love with a smile.

Yoga Bhajan said when he brought yoga to the United States, you must start with yourself, finding peace of mind, the awareness of universal truth will shine, reality will not be a mystery to you, and conflict will not disturb you.

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